How to Succeed in Business: Tips From a Consultant Turned Superstar Tech Entrepreneur

Yves Salama and I are office mates at 55 Broad Street. Our gray hair brings up the average age in our suite. We both enjoy bouncing ideas off one another and the rest of our colleagues.

Yves has a wealth of experience as a consultant under his belt, and I’m sure we can all benefit from someone who has the courage to keep exploring new opportunities. It’s my pleasure to introduce him to you.

David: How did you arrive on your current path?  

Yves: My background as a business process consultant made me see the need to organize the emerging, growing technology of social media in companies. There’s no question that social media is here to stay and that it brings new challenges to organizations (both for-profit and nonprofit): coordination with marketing, creation of relevant content, collaboration among contributors, keeping the message consistent, engaging with communities, protecting the brand, training.


How to Succeed in Business: Tips From a Superstar Cleaning Services Entrepreneur

David Steiner and I met through a popular organization for business building, BNI. His specific business may be cleaning services, but David is an entrepreneur through and through. He’s always on the hunt for a new prospect.

His focus and discipline set a stellar example that any leader can follow, and I’m elated to be able to pick his brain for you today.

David: What traits do the most successful people share?

David Steiner: I find that most successful people start their day very early and have daily habits that they follow. For me, I am up every morning before 6:00am. I will usually have a cup of coffee while I check some emails. I will then get myself ready for my day. I am out of the house by 7:00am and at my desk by 8:00am. I am so habitual in the mornings that when I pull up to my local Dunkin Donuts, the cashier starts making my coffee so that by the time I get to the counter, all I have to do is pay. I have actually timed my DnD stop to about 2.5 minutes.


How to Succeed in Business: Tips From a Marketing and Advertising Superstar

Will Royall and I go back to Breakfast Networking USA, an organization run by Raphi Salem. Immediately we clicked. I realized Will and I both followed some of the same people, such as Jim Collins and Michael Gerber.

Will knows inside and out how to build and lead a company. In addition to founding Royall Advertising, Will is a serial entrepreneur. He has a firm grasp on marketing and sales – an area in which most small business owners often struggle.

Without further ado, here’s Will.

David: How did you arrive on your current path?

Will: As an entrepreneur?  Well, it may have been the toy dinosaurs I set up in my back-yard at age 5 and charged my friends $0.10 to come to my dinosaur museum, or the blow-pops I sold in middle school for $0.25 each (I could profit $10 off a bag in a day), or even the mix tapes (CDs) I sold as a DJ when I got my first CD burner in high school.


3 Biggest Lies Small Business Owners Tell Themselves

Some of the mightiest undertakings in business are done in the name of success. Leaders picture themselves moving mountains just to make things work, then stun naysayers once it happens.

But chief among those flights of fantasy, and one that tends to result in failure, is owning up to the truth. Cognitive dissonance is challenging; reality is seldom welcoming (even if it is rewarding).

Here are the 3 most common lies small business owners tell themselves, and how to break away from this habit simply by opening your eyes.


Our Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

Each week we like to bring you a collection of the blog posts that have taught us the most or that cause us to look at business in a new way. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

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1. Emergent Leadership Topples the Pyramid

“Leadership is a dance, not a parade.” That’s Jesse Lyn Stoner writing about hierarchies falling in business. She challenges the conventional view of leadership as a pyramid, and presents a compelling case for flattened, streamlined forms of organization.


How to Succeed in Business: Tips From a Superstar Pastry Artist

I first met Michelle Apiar at one of our TEND Success Series ™ Workshops. She runs Haute So Sweet, a cake decorating and baking business that she started a few years ago. Not only is she a successful entrepreneur, Michelle has faced tough obstacles en route to her success.

Her challenges will resonate with any small business leader, and it’s my pleasure to bring her to you.


How to Succeed in Business: Tips From a Superstar Digital Strategist

Far fewer than six degrees separate me and Andrew Fried; we both have a number of connections in the business world. Andrew has spent considerable time consulting, so he’s no stranger to strategy, which helps him take action and not just advise.

As the co-founder of Spark Growth, a digital agency based in Brooklyn, Andrew puts his smarts and creativity into measurable acts that propel his business. I’m excited to introduce you to him.


How to Succeed in Business: Tips From a Superstar Social Media Strategist

Stephanie Abrams and I both attend the same mastermind group. It was quickly apparent to me that social PR was Stephanie’s forte; however, it was her sense of “getting” business ownership that really stood out to me.

She brings a commanding sense of planning, strategizing, and the social savvy to spend time with the right people. Basically, Stephanie walks the walk when it comes the world of social media, and I can’t wait to let you see what she’s got.


Forget Delegating, Try This Instead

It’s no secret that managers want more time to devote to tasks that require a manager’s attention. They fight this fire every day, most often by delegating responsibilities to other members of their staff.

Sometimes the solution works. Often it doesn’t.

Leaders find they’re just as swamped with work as they always were. New problems pop up. New fires need extinguishing. The real truth is that delegating, as a tactic, is doomed from the start.

Here’s what you should do instead.


Our Favorite Blog Posts of the Week

Here are our picks for the best blog posts of the week. We want to help small business owners be less overwhelmed and implement change, and part of that means combing through the weekly news so you don’t have to.

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1. 10 Things Only Lousy Managers Say

This is the flesh and bones of how not to communicate with your staff. It’s important to keep in mind that knowing what to say is equally as important as knowing what not to say (and how not to say it).

Poor leadership has a way of getting under our skin and staying there.