Marty Monaco’s 3 Top Personal Sources of Inspiration

Yesterday we brought you Marty Monaco, Founder and COO at Hopskoch. Marty’s conversation with us covered a lot of ground, including the secrets of finding the perfect partner and facing rejection head-on. (If you missed Marty, go back and listen here.)

No one can get through personal or professional challenges alone. Here are Marty’s go-to resources when he’s in need of some inspiration:

1. Mark Suster

I met Mark early on in the process of creating Hopskoch. I started following his blog and immediately learned a lot, as he gave great practical advice for founders and others interested in entering the startup world.


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Kevin Charlton’s 3 Top Inspirational Business Books

Sales and financial services expert Kevin Charlton was our guest yesterday, and he talked about getting into the customer’s head in order to make key sales. (If you missed Kevin, go back and listen here.)

Even experts need help sometimes. Some of the best freely admit to seeking help from others, even if they’re outside their industry. Kevin tells us about his sources of inspiration.

1. Pitch Anything

Oren Klaff has totally changed my views about how people receive information. We constantly need to change how we speak depending on who’s listening, and only one person can dominate. I love this book because it gets us thinking about taking control of situations. Fascinating!


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Tracy Dennis’ 5 Top Personal Sources Of Motivation And Clarity

Yesterday we brought you Tracy Dennis, a psychologist at Hunter College. Tracy spoke in-depth about anxiety and how everyone, from business professionals to the general public, can help themselves relax. (If you missed Tracy, go back and listen here.)

Even highly educated psychologists need a helping hand, though. Tracy turns to her colleagues (and someone special) to help inform her own work and life.

1. Vivek Tiwary

I’m not just Vivek’s wife; I’m also a huge fan of his. He’s highly accomplished in the entertainment industry and I often look to him for inspiration in motivating people to follow their dreams.


Rajib Chowdhury’s 5 Top Mentors And Inspirational Figures

Yesterday we brought you Rajib Chowdhury, Managing Director of Paathshala Learning Solutions. An expert in employee development, Rajib has a lot to say on building businesses from the inside out. (If you missed him, go back and listen here.)

Part of being a leader, of course, is knowing when other people can offer more than you can. Rajib has found several sources of inspiration over the course of his career, from friends, family, and colleagues alike.

1. Tarun Kanti Chowdhury

My father is my greatest source of inspiration. I look to him for his courage of conviction. He taught me perseverance, passion, and respect. My greatest core values all come from him.


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