Peter Thomson’s 4 Top Influential Figures In Business

Yesterday we brought you Peter Thomson, a veteran business and personal growth strategist and whiz at creating and marketing information products. (If you missed Peter, go back and listen here.)

Peter has turned to many people in his career for help and inspiration. Here he’s offered his top 5, with the hope that others can be inspired like he was.

1. Atlas Shrugged

Objectivism is a philosophy we should all understand. As entrepreneurs, we have to trust ourselves and look at naysayers as cheering us on. It’s important to be self-reliant. This book should be mandatory reading in all schools.


Lisa Cron’s 3 Top Resource Recommendations for Story Aficionados

Yesterday we brought you Lisa Cron, a story expert and author of Wired for Story: The Writer’s Guide to Using Brain Science to Hook Readers From the Very First Sentence.  (If you missed Lisa, go back and listen here.)

Lisa talked about how story translates fact into emotion, so we can understand how a product or service will affect us and whether or not we should buy it. She was drawn into the field as a youngster by movies and advertising and has found over the years a few names whose work our readers may find valuable, particularly after listening to Lisa’s interview:

1. Jonathan Gottschall

I love the book The Storytelling Animal because he explains how stories can be so captivating that we actually get lost in them. Logic and the outside world go away, and the story takes us somewhere entirely different. He writes about how we make sense of everything through story.


STP034: Getting Wired for Story with Lisa Cron

These days it has become commonplace to talk about storytelling in business, but far less common to why it matters so much. Turns out there’s a biological basis to why persuasion works best in story form. In this episode, Wired for Story author Lisa Cron talks about the profound influence you can gain among your customers, employees, and colleagues by mastering the ancient art of story.



Lisa Gibson’s 5 Top Inspiration Magazines And Media Moguls

Yesterday we brought you Lisa Gibson, an expert conflict mediator. In Lisa’s episode of “Smashing the Plateau,” she goes into great detail about businesspeople finding their story. She also preaches the importance of personal harmony. (If you missed Lisa, go back and listen here.)

Lisa knows help is vital to leaders’ overall success. Here are the people and magazines that Lisa has found most useful in her professional travels.

1. Shark Tank

This is one of the only shows that showcase the struggles and triumphs of starting a business. When I watch it, I love to see the creative ideas, inventions, and entrepreneurs. All of it inspires me to keep creating.


STP033: Mediating in Search of Middle Grounds with Lisa Gibson

Award-winning author, attorney, and conflict resolution expert, Lisa Gibson has a full tool belt for dealing with conflict. She discusses crossing cultural boundaries and using your story to anchor your business (and much more) on this episode of “Smashing the Plateau.”



S. Anthony Iannarino and Scott Messer’s Favorite Resources For Being Better Leaders

Yesterday we brought you the first Face Off on “Smashing the Plateau,” between Scott Messer and S. Anthony Iannarino. The two sales experts discussed the logistics of being the top salespeople and how to approach the craft. (If you missed Scott and Anthony, go back and listen here.)

Both Scott and Anthony outlined their favorite places to go for seeking help. Despite their differing viewpoints, they agree the best salespeople are leaders. And leaders look to other people for guidance. Here’s where they set their sights:

1. LinkedIn Group, Sales Evolution Chat (Scott)

This is a wonderful marketplace of ideas we’ve set up at Sales Evolution. People can come read insightful articles and discuss the topics that are important to them. Want to know how a client won a $6,000,000 sales without a quoting price? Come pay a visit to our chat room.