All-Around Health: Alexander Hamilton Dunlop’s Recommendations for Transformative Living

Yesteryday’s interview with Alexander Hamilton Dunlop touched on topics from diet and lifestyle to numerology, and how they can be integrated with personal development and business success. Throughout his own journey, which has traversed the two paths of spirituality and corporate dealings, Alexander has followed a passion for helping others break through challenges and undergo transformative realization. From starting a holistic health center to his current endeavor coaching business leaders, he has been influenced by both intellectual and spiritual sources. In his interview, he discussed some individuals in particular who have influenced him to continue his life’s calling:

Arul Goldman was Alexander’s first health coach, business partner, and mentor. Arul and Alexander founded SanaVita Center for Holistic Cleansing in Manhattan, which she continues to direct. Alexander credits Arul with introducing him to healthy eating and helping to diagnose his gluten intolerance. He often refers clients to her center for detox and cleansing, and to make adjustments to diet and lifestyle that are more aligned with the self. Alexander considers the elements of diet and lifestyle as critical to being strong, vibrant, healthy, and producing greater results.


STP095: Seeking Change and Finding Clarity with Alexander Hamilton Dunlop

Professional life coach Alexander Hamilton Dunlop joins Smashing the Plateau this week to discuss the nexus of personal growth and business success. Drawing from his own experiences, from Wall Street consultant to shaman’s apprentice, Alexander covers a wide range of topics from emotional intelligence to improving health and well-being, all geared towards helping people find clarity and achieve personal and entrepreneurial growth. In his own business, he employs a deck of cards and a bit of math to help clients better understand themselves and ultimately find direction by acknowledging weakness and leveraging strengths. Unconventional though that may be, he describes how no matter where you find clarity, it is a vital step to smashing business’s (and life’s) plateaus.



Storytelling, Serendipity, and Creation: Michael Schein’s Influencers

In his interview on yesterday’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, Michael Schein described how he turned an everyday business problem – updating media content – into a model for success. His business, MicroFame Media, provides marketing services to companies by streamlining the process of reaching out to mass audiences, gaining attention and growing appeal. Initially, Michael never saw himself in the business world, but he has forged success from a passion for creativity and a drive to overcome, and to help others overcome, everyday obstacles. Through reading, forming personal connections, and writing about his experiences, Michael has become an authority in the field of content marketing. Some of his influencers include:

1. The Click Moment by Frans Johansson

“Frans is more-well known for The Medici Effect, but this is my favorite book of his and one of my favorite books in general. It explains how the world is a really random place and so it’s really difficult to predict what will be successful. As a result, you need a process for capturing serendipity. It has really influenced how I approach my business and life … from having a Creative Lab at our company to reading all kinds of diverse material to see what sparks an idea.”


STP094: Updates Required: How to Advance Your Marketing Strategy with Michael Schein

This week on Smashing the Plateau, dive into the world of content marketing with successful entrepreneur Michael Schein. As marketing has increasingly shifted to online platforms, businesses face incessant demand to constantly update content and keep up with the wild pace of the internet. Start-ups can be especially disadvantaged by this expectation due to limited staff, time, and resources. Michael saw this obstacle as an opportunity rather than stumbling block. His business, MicroFame Media, creates templates for content updates that make the job easier and more efficient for businesses of all sizes. Systematizing your marketing strategy – and other straightforward elements of your business – can be the stepping stone to spending more time and energy on new directions and next big things.


Planning and Peer Groups: Theresa Fette’s Influencers

Trust Provident CEO Theresa Fette joined Smashing the Plateau yesterday to share a few of the lessons she learned along her path to business success. In her discussion, she described how she was able to achieve exponential growth with her first entrepreneurial endeavor through the coming-together of planning and luck. She has also had some help and advice—here are are some of the books, people, and resources that Theresa looked to along her way:

1. Scott Fritz, author of The 40 Hour Work Year, was an influential business coach to Theresa at the start of her career. She describes how his book introduced her to fundamental business concepts and helped her develop a decision matrix to empower her executive team to make key decisions.


STP093: Methods for Achieving Exponential Growth With CEO Theresa Fette

Theresa Fette describes her professional journey as a fortuitous meeting of luck and planning. After earning four degrees and working in law, she took over a failing trust company and transformed the shaky business to an asset management powerhouse. On this week’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, Theresa shares her experience in transitioning from entrepreneurship to building a legacy. She discusses how both traditional and non-traditional business practices played a part in her success, the challenges she has faced, and how to maintain business stability while remaining open to change and improvements.

Theresa also discusses:

  • Making fans early on by removing road blocks for others
  • The importance of developing the ‘likeability factor’
  • Interpreting metrics and employing decision matrices
  • Handling difficult or unrealistic client requests
  • Engendering a positive office culture while managing and motivating employees
  • Defining one year success goals for new hires

Top 10 Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders with Jason Treu

On yesterday’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, we discussed the value of building relationships with business coach and social network guru Jason Treu. Jason shared insider tips on seeking out the right people and building self-confidence to influence and engage others on your way to business success. Here, Jason discusses the people who have influenced him to think differently, explore new ideas, and continue moving forward to achieve goals. 

1. Adam Grant (Give and Take)

“Social Darwinists believe that the strongest rise to the top and good guys finish last. Whoa, that’s not what the youngest tenured professor at Wharton, Adam Grant, learned. From his research, he divides the entrepreneurial world into three camps: takers, givers and matchers. Though it may be true that some give so much their work gets hampered, Adam found that some of the top entrepreneurs also rise by giving. In Give and Take, he explains why this happens and what the givers on top do that’s way different from those at the bottom. In the end, we learn why those who get ahead help as many people as they can by helping – and without keeping score.

“Adam’s book is truly inspiration and it’s one of the only books I recommend to every single client. He’s the embodiment of giving to others and this book is changing the way people think about doing business and their careers. Brilliant, forward thinking, underrated leader and business innovator…are words to describe him. Read whatever he writes and get on his newsletter!”


STP092: Making Friends and Influencing People with Business Coach Jason Treu

Jason Treu joins Smashing the Plateau this week to discuss the power of relationships in the business world and how to develop the relationship-building skill sets that will be key to your success. He emphasizes how essential skills such as building rapport, likeability, and trust, can be developed by anyone at any point in their career. Jason outlines specific steps to build self-confidence, become engaging and influential, and form relationships with the right people. His philosophy that everything we accomplish depends on other people inspires him to invest in the people around him, and to seek out accomplices, mentors, or simply those with common ground to move his business passion forward.



Ekaterina Walter on the Role of ‘Intrapreneurs’ in Leading Market Change

In yesterday’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, Ekaterina Walter remarks on the role of ‘intrapreneurs’ in shifting business mentality and implementing new ideas. Intrapreneurs are people who develop new products and business models similarly to entrepreneurs, but do so while working within larger companies. Ekaterina discusses how to foster intrapreneurs in your business by: 1)[…]

STP091: Keeping Pace with Today’s Consumer: Marketing Strategist Ekaterina Walter

Entrepreneur and Sprinklr Global Evangelist Ekaterina Walter joins Smashing the Plateau this week with insider advice on moving your business forward and keeping up with today’s ever-advancing consumer. In this discussion, she highlights the importance of leveraging community and self-learning to achieve these ends. She also discusses self-empowerment and utilizing technology to learn more about your passions, take on new roles and initiatives, and form partnerships with those who share your interests. She describes how having self-confidence, and recognizing your surrounding support systems, are crucial to building networks, taking your business to the next level, and building success.