Managing The Dream

Yesterday on Smashing the Plateau, Mary Miller discussed why investing in your people’s dreams will improve the company community and your business. Her approach, The Dream Manager program, (and best selling book penned by Matthew Kelly) prioritizes your employee’s ambitions in order to achieve common goals. Here are some of her biggest influences: 1) Dan[…]

Putting Your People First With Mary Miller

“When your employees realize that the company is going to help them achieve what they want in their life, then the employees help the company achieve what they want to achieve. It’s a complete win-win scenario.” Mary Miller transformed her “people problem” into a powerful and world-renowned management method – the Dream Manager program. Today[…]

Understanding Your Customer And Increasing Your Profits With Alex Harris

“The more research you do, the better you understand your customers … the more of a foundation you’re going to have going forward.” Alex Harris (web designer, author, and ecommerce master) knows a thing or two about design that will convert traffic and increase profits. Today he teaches us the importance of diving deep into[…]

Discovering Your Authentic Self And Using It To Communicate With Others With Lou Solomon

“When you humanize your communication you begin to resurface into your own authenticity.” Today Lou Solomon (CEO and Founder of Interact) enlightens us on the subject of storytelling and how it’s the driving force behind discovering our authentic selves. According to Solomon, communication is king, and only with authenticity can you truly connect with others[…]

Innovations In Healthcare

Yesterday on Smashing The Plateau, Paul Elmslie discussed the innovations his company his created in diagnosing, treating, and educating skin cancer patients. His company began in Australia, and is now a global force to make the world free of skin cancer. Below are some of his biggest influences: 1) Verne Harnish The Daily Huddle, The[…]

Innovating The Healthcare System With Paul Elmslie

“We sought about to change the way patients could access and diagnosis skin cancer care in Australia.” Paul Elmslie sought out to create low cost and quick action centers for skin cancer patients in Australia and succeeded. He discusses how his company fought through adversity to make a difference, how it positively impacted patients and[…]