The Important Conversations

On yesterday’s episode of Smashing the Plateau, Todd Heslin discussed a variety of topics including growth, passive income, and how to approach investors. Here are some of his biggest influences: 1) Tim Ferriss His book, The 4-Hour Workweek, changed my life and has challenged my thinking ever since. 2) Derek Sivers He is a very[…]

A Supportive Community

Yesterday on Smashing the Plateau, Aaron Walker discussed how engaging in mastermind groups can help you make sharper business decisions. Here are some of his biggest influences: 1) Dan Miller I have been in his mastermind group for almost two decades now. He has been an absolute champion of a guy to be around. He’s a[…]

Surrounding Yourself With Masterminds Featuring Aaron Walker

For the past twenty years, Aaron Walker has been an active member, advocate and facilitator of mastermind groups. Within these communities, thought leaders come together to share their ideas, problem-solve, and offer honest advice that can lead to game-changing business decisions. Today Aaron shares some of the group experiences that helped shape his career. In[…]

Simplicity In High Performance

On yesterday’s episode of Smashing The Plateau, Joe Calloway discussed the power of simplicity when building a better business. Here are some of his biggest influences: 1) In Search of Excellence This is “the grandfather” of all business books. It influenced me in how to create ideas to help others succeed. 2) Fortune Magazine It’s[…]

The Power of Systems

Yesterday on Smashing The Plateau, Brian Casel taught us the importance of productizing your service in order to achieve freedom and scalability. Here are some of his biggest influences: 1) Seth Godin I like to read his stuff every day. His books have been game-changers. He’s a super brilliant marketing mind, and really just an[…]

Trading Services For Systems With Brian Casel

Despite his success as a freelance web designer, Brian Casel knew something wasn’t quite right. Then he decided to stop offering his services and set up systems instead. From that point forward, Brian transformed from freelancer to thriving business owner. Today he teaches us how to replicate his success. Brian discusses: Why it’s not necessary[…]

One World Education

On yesterday’s episode of Smashing The Plateau, Eric Goldstein discussed how he improves the learning processes of our youth through his non-profit organization, One World Education. Here are some of his biggest influences: 1) Family Members I have family members who have consistently modeled working hard, doing things the right way, and being honest even[…]

Reinventing The Way We Approach Education (Featuring Eric Goldstein)

“Students shouldn’t write for a grade, they should write to be read.” Eric Goldstein is breathing new life into the American classroom. His teaching model enriches our children’s writing, researching, and presentation skills by focusing on material that resonates with them. Now as the Co-Founder of One World Education, this award-winning educator is making a[…]