Ted Coiné On Creativity, Community, and Business

Ted Coiné is a “collector of fascinating people.” He is so energized by collaboration that he established OPEN (Ordinary People | Extraordinary Networking) – where the world’s top minds come together to make remarkable things happen. On his second appearance on Smashing The Plateau, this bestselling author (and four-time CEO) demonstrates why having a thriving[…]

Dan Sullivan Talks About What Makes Planning Work in Business

Dan Sullivan has personally transformed the lives and careers of thousands of entrepreneurs. A big part of his success has come from honing the ability to distinguish between effective planning and planning that actually increases complexity. In this episode, Dan dives deep into this distinction. He also discusses why community plays such a huge role[…]

Winners and Losers

Here’s one version of the story… In business, there are two types of people—winners and losers. There are leaders worth emulating, and there are those who are duly brushed aside. It’s simple, ruthless, and well…capitalism. Really? What makes a winner anyway? Don’t we all have different aspirations and principles? Money and acclaim can’t be the[…]