You’re Probably Sabotaging Yourself (Here’s How to Stop It)

Angus Nelson is the host of the Up In Your Business podcast, which has helped countless businesspeople improve their careers by improving themselves. On today’s episode, Angus reveals the story of how losing his nonprofit organization (despite working 60 to 80 hours a week), his marriage, and “his soul” taught him how to make the[…]

Building Trust In Yourself, The Customer, And The Community With Chris Marr

Chris Marr is a trailblazer of content marketing. His organization – The Content Marketing Academy – is the UK’s largest membership organization of its kind, and it’s this energetic troop that inspires him to take the concept of community and content marketing itself to new heights. In this episode, Chris not only debunks the biggest content[…]

How To Pick The Right People

So in spite of your best efforts you still haven’t found the support circle that works for you. In that case, it’s probably time to get out there and assemble one of your own. Picking the right people is a demanding endeavor, and transforming those people into a thoughtful and spirited community, well…that’s even harder.[…]