From Child Programmer To Digital Maven With Maisha Walker

Maisha Walker reveals how her prominent career in digital media started from a childhood love of programming. In this episode, she explains why breaking down your weaknesses—and building them back up again—is the key to personal and professional growth. Maisha also shows us how to level the marketing playing field through education, and how to[…]

The One Thing Every Solopreneur Needs to Succeed

Tanya Alvarez has a mission to help solo entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. How is she doing it? By providing the one thing solopreneurs need most…a community. At OwnersUP, Tanya has built the peer group superhighway – an online platform where leaders band together to solve problems, hold each other accountable, and get their businesses growing.[…]

The Real Power of Technology With Gabriel Neuman

As a digital strategist and mechanical engineer, Gabriel Neuman explores how software and hardware can work in tandem to solve tough problems businesses face in the 21st Century. In today’s episode, Gabriel explains why facing your setbacks head on is the only way to propel your career forward, and he demonstrates why technology (and education) have[…]

Your Business Coach Is Not Your Therapist

The life of an entrepreneur is often a lonely one. So it’s understandable that many business owners want their coaches to solve their personal and professional problems in one fell swoop. While these issues are, in fact, often intertwined, taking your personal matters to coaches isn’t the wisest idea. Today we’re discussing the major differences[…]