Master the Art of Presenting

In her first appearance on Smashing The Plateau, former opera singer and celebrated speech and media coach Ruth Sherman taught us to command the room by mastering the art of public speaking. Today she reveals why presentations are one of the most effective ways to speed up your success. She also shows us how to[…]

Change The Way You Lead Through Culture

Mark Hunter’s second appearance on Smashing The Plateau is all about development. If leaders want to achieve greater levels of success, they’ll need to start redefining cultural landscapes, and focus on cultivating long-term relationships with their teams and each other. Today this coach and leadership expert reveals why embracing these cultural changes will make you[…]

Philip VanDusen On Design, Branding, and Entrepreneurship

Philip VanDusen is one of the world’s top branding and design innovators. His award-winning strategies have pushed numerous global companies past the billion-dollar mark. Today he shares his secrets. Philip reveals how his eagerness to learn has helped shape his career, and explains why being ruthlessly honest about where you are and what you want[…]


How To Master Emotional Dynamics

In her second appearance on Smashing The Plateau, leadership expert and business consultant Hollie Mileski reveals why mastering our emotional dynamics is the key to building better leadership skills and thriving work environments. She also talks about improving your self-awareness, finding inner fulfillment, and much more. We discuss… Why energy is more important than words[…]