Wendy Keller

How You Can Build Your Platform with Wendy Keller

Wendy Keller helps people identify, develop and profit from their best content ideas. Her work has turned more than 1,500 people into published authors, including 17 New York Times best sellers; Wendy has trained and consulted about 8,500 emerging professional speakers, some of whom increased their speaking fees by 2,000%! In this episode, we discuss:[…]


How to Plan More Effective Meetings With Mamie Kanfer Stewart

Today’s guest is Mamie Kanfer Stewart, Founder and CEO of Meeteor and author of Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings. Topics include: Why Mamie’s family business was instrumental in her own entrepreneurial journey The common mistakes most people make when it comes to meetings (and how to fix them) How Mamie’s company was founded[…]


Learning to Listen to Your Gut and Using Defined Metrics to Determine the Success of Your Business With Mark Asquith

On today’s show we welcome Mark Asquith, Host of the Excellent Expected Podcast and founder of PodcastWebsites.com. Topics include: The pivotal choice Mark made when hiring a business growth coach. A mistake that most younger entrepreneurs make; is your business working? Learning to listen to your gut and test all your assumptions in business. Creating[…]


Creating a Collaborative Learning Environment Among Peers and Coworkers With Carissa Baquiran

On today’s show we welcome Carissa Baquiran, Educational Professional and Operations Lead at Circles. Topics include: An overview of Carissa’s background and how she came to be at Circles. Creating change by making people’s work transparent to their co-teachers. The results and impact of a professional learning community within a school. How collaboration between teachers[…]


The Real Way To Create Exponential Growth With Cameron Herold

Today’s guest is bestselling author and CEO Whisperer Cameron Herold. Topics include: The most important strategies for scaling a business Using systems that are already created for your own business’ success Investing in yourself through mastermind groups and connecting with other entrepreneurs Three key components for being able to achieve exponential growth The importance of[…]