Play To Your Strengths With Edna Keep

Edna Keep went from a sixteen-year-old single mother to a top real estate investor and multi-millionaire. In today’s episode, Edna reveals how she overcame challenges in her life and career by playing to her strengths and discovering who she really is. She also breaks down her step-by-step methods to building a support network, talks about[…]


The Ready-Made Mastermind Group System Featuring David Barnett

In today’s special episode of Smashing The Plateau, advisor, coach, and bestselling author David Barnett reveals what it really takes to transform a mastermind group into a thriving success. During the course of our conversation, we explore everything from cultivating a dynamic mix of people to implementing the right systems and structures. David and I[…]


From Academic to Award-Winning Entrepreneur With Jill Schiefelbein

In today’s episode, business communication expert Jill Schiefelbein reveals how she moved from an academic to an award-winning entrepreneur and author. During our conversation, Jill also shares some insights from her latest book Dynamic Communication, breaks down the steps (and frameworks) she followed to create her own mastermind group, and reveals how cultivating her own[…]