Theresa Fette sm

A Culture of Collaboration and Empowerment Featuring Theresa Fette and Mark Monchek

Theresa Fette is a strong and effective leader with a background in building relationships amongst fellow executives and delivering on customer commitments. She grew the largest independent trust company in Nevada from $300M in assets under custody to more than $4.5B. As a thought leader within the alternative asset industry, Theresa motivates, leads, and inspires[…]

Alex Vaysberg sm

Business Success Through Collaboration and Empowerment Featuring Alex Vaysberg and Anna Staritsina

Alex Vaysberg has been in the electrical distribution industry for over 23 years. He is President and CEO of All Industrial Electric Supply, an authorized electrical distribution company he founded in 2004. Most recently, he is CEO of Feltsberg, a portfolio support services company. Prior to starting his first business venture, Alex was branch manager[…]

Todd Palmer sm

Building Sustained Profitability Featuring Todd Palmer

Todd Palmer is a renowned thought leader/CEO, executive coach and author who is committed to Improving Lives. As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, he works with both individuals and companies to support corporate growth, foster business start-ups and guide leaders in the areas of talent management, workforce planning and organizational development. We discuss: How[…]

Eric Kasimov sm

Content Marketing and Recurring Revenue Featuring Eric Kasimov

Eric Kasimov is the founder of KazSource, a multifaceted business development company that includes KazCM, a content marketing agency, SportsEpreneur, a content platform, and KazSource Insurance, a life insurance brokerage firm. He is also the host of the podcast, Entrepreneur Perspectives. We discuss: How to find your path as an entrepreneur Why content marketing is[…]

Paul Spiegelman sm

The Power of Purpose-Driven Peers Featuring Paul Spiegelman

Paul Spiegelman is the co-founder of the Small Giants Community, a peer-group of purpose-driven business leaders.  He is the former chief culture officer of Stericycle, the co-founder and former CEO of BerylHealth and the founder and chairman of The Beryl Institute. We discuss: What it takes to build recurring revenue in different kinds of businesses[…]