Aleksandra Nenadic sm

How to Find the Right Type of Client Featuring Aleksandra Nenadic

As a registered physiotherapist, Aleksandra treats patients of all ages with musculoskeletal conditions. She graduated with a Master’s in physiotherapy from the University of Ottawa in 2014. In 2017, she opened her own clinic with a vision to provide tailored, hands-on treatment to each patient. We discuss: Individual dedication to your personal journey [2:19] The[…]

Kelly Resendez sm

How to Build an Unshakeable Success Mindset Featuring Kelly Resendez

Kelly Resendez is a mom, writer, speaker, Mortgage Executive, and founder of Big Voices-a women empowered network. She has published two books: Foundation to Sustainable Success and the recent best seller Big Voices. We discuss: Why seeking your purpose will lead you to a much better place [2:12] How to create financial stability for yourself[…]

Aaron Muller sm

How to Build a System That Runs Your Business Without You Having to be There Featuring Aaron Muller

Aaron Muller is the founder of Lifestyle Business Owner Academy and a serial entrepreneur who currently owns eight multimillion-dollar companies that run without him. He is a #1 international bestselling author and the premier trainer on owning a small business that runs without the owner. We discuss: Why a business owner would want to empower[…]

Tom Nardone sm

How to Start Flipping Houses and Develop Your Real Estate Business Featuring Tom Nardone

Tom Nardone is THE Millionaire Mailman. He co-authored the book Secrets of the Real Estate Millionaires and has created and written courses for several real estate information products. Tom has been twice featured on television with two appearances on Good Morning America with Charles Gibson and Joan London and also CNBC’s Power Lunch with Bill[…]

Karen Brown sm

How to Transform Your Limiting Beliefs into Unlimiting Beliefs and Achieve Your Dreams Featuring Karen Brown

Karen Brown is the CEO of Velocity Leadership Consulting. She facilitates higher levels of success in others through keynote speeches, presentations and workshops for corporations, professional associations and business groups. We discuss: Pioneering the space of the unconscious mind [2:15] Techniques to discover and overcome limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your dreams [6:36][…]

Amy Schuber sm

How to Become More of Who You Really Are in Your Work and Personal Life Featuring Amy Schuber

Amy Schuber is a Life & Business Coach. She has been working with women leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals for the past decade. We discuss: An explorative journey of self-discovery [2:19] What it takes to dive into the unknown and conquer the fear of losing a “secure” life [7:00] Why we need help to find what[…]

Joie Cheng sm

Connecting to Your Clients Through Transformational Book Publishing Featuring Joie Cheng

Joie is a Patrick Snow certified publishing coach, author, speaker, mentor, healer, circle facilitator, and a trained yoga teacher. She is the best-selling author of The Naked Truth: A Woman’s Journey to Self-Love. We discuss: How one “falls” into the publishing industry [02:03] Connected yet disconnected: how storytelling can help our digitizing world [4:12] Why[…]

Bonnie Bruderer sm

How to Focus on the Bigger Vision and Gain Critical Mass Featuring Bonnie Bruderer

Bonnie is a film and TV producer with over 700 television segments, and the writer, director and producer of the documentary: INFLUENCER on the social media generation and the advertising industry. We discuss: Bonnie’s career journey and her visionary thinking that inspired many twists and turns along the way [2:54] What entrepreneurs need to balance[…]