Bonnie Bruderer sm

How to Focus on the Bigger Vision and Gain Critical Mass Featuring Bonnie Bruderer

Bonnie is a film and TV producer with over 700 television segments, and the writer, director and producer of the documentary: INFLUENCER on the social media generation and the advertising industry. We discuss: Bonnie’s career journey and her visionary thinking that inspired many twists and turns along the way [2:54] What entrepreneurs need to balance[…]

Karen Fritz sm

How to Leap Forward in Your Business Featuring Karen Fritz

Karen Fritz is THE Purposetivity Expert. Karen, author of bestseller “Purposetivity: The Feminine Face of Productivity,” naturally sees patterns in chaos. She takes an ecosystem view to apply big concepts in actionable steps to get busy coaches and creatives out of overwhelm and into sustainable success. We discuss: What happens when creativity doesn’t thrive in[…]

Brian Burke sm

How to Successfully Run Your Resell Business Featuring Brian Burke

Brian is a dynamic and ultra-personable individual who strives to help his community through business and service. He is always on the cutting edge of technology and loves helping other individuals and organizations stay up to date on their Apple products with his company We discuss: How to hone and match your individual niche[…]

Natasha Che sm

Increasing the Conversion for Your Podcast Featuring Natasha Che

Natasha Che is the founder and president of Soundwise, the world’s first audio publishing platform that gives podcasters detailed knowledge about their subscribers and the ability to reach out to subscribers in multiple ways. We discuss: Three reasons why audio content is so powerful nowadays [2:12] Why you should stop worrying about your podcast download[…]

Marina Darlow sm

Systems to Support Growing Revenue Featuring Marina Darlow

Marina Darlow is a systems’ expert and a productivity geek. She sees her job as helping impact-driven entrepreneurs get 10-20 more productive hours a week, stop leaking money, and prevent stress-fuel breakdowns.  We discuss: What happens when your business grows very quickly, and your systems don’t have time to adjust Understanding your capacity for growth,[…]