Sneak Peak of an Upcoming Podcast Guest

Patty Soffer was the founder and co-owner of Soffer-Adkins, one of the most successful branding firms in South Florida, if not the country.

On the surface, she and her partner had it all—lots of employees, tons of revenue, and top-flight clients. But underneath was a fundamental flaw that would ultimately undermine everything they had worked for.


Spotlight on One of Our Upcoming Podcast Guests

As you probably know by now, we have an amazing lineup of guests for our upcoming podcast. That’s why I wanted to take today to shine a spotlight on one of them in particular.

David Zweig, a journalist and former fact checker, learned from experience that some of the most successful people in our society work completely behind the scenes. From Radiohead’s guitar tech to the structural engineer of the world’s tallest building, these people don’t crave fame. They focus on craft instead of self-promotion. And by doing so, they rise to the top of their fields.